Searching for Steelhead
Check out Kevin Feenstra's new video Searching for Steelhead it's a must have for mid west Anglers whom like to swing flies for Steelhead like we do. I had the privilege to join Kevin and producer Erik Rambo of Snap T Productions for a cold but fun day on the water.... They both did a great and professional job. Enjoy!!!!!!

Year in Review...2008 Brown Trout.

Year in Review...2008 Steelhead.

Winter steelheading on the Pere Marquette River with the guys from Nomad Anglers.

Good Client and friend Rick Marcum of Chicago put this video together. There are some clips of us fishing together including a bright, sunny day in May stripping streamers...where as the guide you think this is going to be a tough day. We managed to get a Steelhead though at 1 in the afternoon. (: